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Eurochauffeurs.com provides service in all major cities throughout Europe and North America. Our major operational centres are New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Madrid and Istanbul.

We have a global network of over 1,750 affiliate companies which enables us to provide first class service often at very short notice, anywhere in the world.

In addition to Europe and North America we have affiliates in major business and financial centres in Latin America, Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Australia.

Our full destination guide can be viewed and downloaded on the locations page.

Business Sedan - In Europe the standard business sedan is the Mercedes E Class.

Luxury Sedan - In Europe, North America and most other regions the Mercedes S Class provides our first-class service.

Mercedes V / Sprinter - The vehicle of choice for groups.

SUV - Found mainly in North America.

When providing an initial quotation it is given in the currency of the state or country where the service will take place. We will, if requested, give an estimated value in your chosen currency, based on current exchange rates.

However, our affiliates will charge us in local currency on completion of the service. Currency exchange rates can be extremely volatile and as such the conversion may be much less or more by the time we prepare your invoice. For this reason we can only guarantee the source rate and not a converted rate.

In North America, Latin America and Asia gratuities are automatically included in the final charge. There is no need to pay anything extra to your chauffeur.

In all other areas gratuities are discretionary. If you wish to thank your driver you may do so directly or it can be added to your bill.

Yes. We trade in $USD, £GBP, Swiss Francs and Euros.

Credit card payments will be applied in one of the above currencies according to where service takes place. In areas which do not use these currencies charges will be converted to $USD, £GBP or Euros.

Account customers may choose which currency they wish to be invoiced in. We are quite flexible and thus a US based company may prefer to receive and pay invoices in $USD for services which take place in Europe.

The only proviso is that bank transfers must be made in the invoice currency and not converted to another currency.

Invoices are prepared on completion of service and in the majority of cases invoices are ready within 48 hours.

All clients, whether credit card or account, will receive a .pdf invoice. We do not send invoices by surface mail.

Our policy is to avoid applying cancellation charges wherever possible but sometimes it is unavoidable. In the majority of cases in Europe and North America cancellation will not be charged if more than 6 hours notice has been given - and very often much less.

Where a vehicle has already started a long distance journey to collect a passenger cancellation cannot be waived.

In Asia and other areas we are extremely selective about the affiliates we choose to work with. As a result we are bound by the cancellation terms they impose, which can sometimes be as much as 24 hours. Where posible we negotiate on our client's behalf to reduce this to a more amenable figure.

We charge for the time used by both chauffeur and car to reach the pick up point and return to the garage after dropping the passenger. This is deemed to be the driver's 'working hours' and is standard charging procedure.

For example if the driver leaves the city centre garage to pick up at an airport and then take a passenger to a location outside the city, it is quite likely that the passenger may only be in the vehicle for 1 hour but the total time for vehicle and driver could be 4 hours or more.

For corporate and financial roadshows fixed rates will apply for 4 or 8 hour services.

Yes. Eurochauffeurs.com does not share or supply your personal data to any thrid party, other than the minimum necessary to process a reservation (Name, Mobile number etc.). All data is stored on secure servers.

Eurochauffeurs.com Ltd is a PCI DSS compliant company and signatory to the Data Protection Act. Our systems are regularly monitored by Security Metrics Inc. Northampton, NN4 7PA, in accordance with the requirements of the PCI Security Standards Council.

Please use the link at the bottom of the page to view our compliance certificate.

Yes. Reservations may be made through your online account if preferred.

However, we are very happy to receive enquiries and bookings via email to be processed by reservations staff.

Not normally. As with cancellation charges our policy is to avoid any penalty charges.

Charging waiting time for flight delay is an extremely rare occurence. For long haul flights we usually have enough notice of delays or cancellations and can adapt accordingly.

Difficulties can arise with very short haul flights and train journeys. It is sometimes the case that the chauffeur is en route before we learn of any delay. Tracking systems often do not update until the flight is airborne which may not leave us sufficient time to react. However, if passengers are aware of any delay it could be very helpful if you could let us know in order to avoid the need to apply extra charges.

Yes. Our switchboard operators are currently online during normal office hours. Thereafter calls and messages are diverted to the duty manager who is available 24/7.

If your booking is for a roadshow, hourly hire or other occasion where communication with the driver is essential then we will guarantee an English speaking driver.

Conferences & Events

For large conferences and events it is impossible to guarantee that every driver will speak fluent English when executing airport transfers. We know from experience that this simply will not be the case. However, the driver will have all the information necessary to perform the service efficiently.

Due to the volume of passengers that need to be transported in a short period of time it would be irresponsible to claim that drivers will be bilingual. The majority will be able to communicate in English but at such events our coordinator will also be on hand at your pick-up point to assist with any enquiries.